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When you need translations, do you trust your own skills or do you turn to a professional? Either way, we can help!

We will translate your texts professionally, providing high-quality translations for every intended purpose and always on schedule. We also provide official or certified translations in various language pairs. If you prefer to translate the text yourself or in-house, we will be happy to have it checked for you by a language professional who is a native speaker of the language in question.

All of our translators are trained and experienced language professionals. Many of them live in Kouvola, the largest “crossroads” town in Finland, which is also the home of our company. In addition to connecting the Savonrata railway line and Chinese container train traffic, Kouvola is also where Lähikääntäjät connects customers with native translators and proofreaders from all over the world.

We offer translation services in the following languages: English, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Estonian, German, French, Spanish, Russian, and Chinese. Whether you are looking for a one-off translation or for regular cooperation, request a quote and we can discuss your needs.

Marjukka Hermonen,
Managing Director,
Lähikääntäjät Oy


Translation involves conveying the meaning of a text into another language; simply translating the words is not enough. We offer professional translation services that require a deeper understanding of the language, and knowledge of special fields and broad concepts. In addition to general texts, we translate texts in the trade and commerce and technology sectors. These include bulletins, manuals, online store texts, and training materials. We also provide official or certified translations in several language pairs.

Language checking

Many people today are proficient at least in English, if not in several other foreign languages as well. If you wish to produce text in a foreign language and want it checked, we will ensure that the final text is of the highest possible quality. The text will be checked by an experienced native speaker of the language in question to ensure that the end result is spot-on in terms of language and style. (Please note that we do not check translations that have been done using Google Translator).

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The price depends on various factors such as the field of specialisation, amount of text, language pair, and schedule. For this reason, we always provide a separate quote for each piece of work.

Language checking
Language checking is always invoiced based on an hourly fee. The tender includes an estimate of the time needed to complete the work, and the work is invoiced based on the actual duration of the work.


Send a message or request a quote

We try to provide a quote within 24 hours. If the file is larger than 5 MB, you can send it to us using WeTransfer.

Lähikääntäjät’s office is located in HUB Kouvola. Call us, send a message or drop by!